IAPT will occasionally update this page with future training sessions we feel our members and their colleagues would be interested in.  If you would like one of your organizations training sessions hosted on our site, please contact us at board@iowaa4pt.org .

Integrative Counseling Solutions

Please check their website for current and upcoming trainings in the field of play therapy.


Tanager Place Training Center


Tanager Place Center for Play Therapy opened in October 2016. The Center provides workshops for individuals seeking play therapy education and training. The Tanager Place Center for Play Therapy is an approved provider through the Association for Play Therapy (APT Approved Provider #16-457).

We offer introductory and advanced trainings. Attendees must be at a therapist level or enrolled in a Masters level program.

Encouragement Zone


The Encouragement  Zone is a place, a frame of mind, a philosophy, created by Dr. Terry Kottman. At the Zone, Terry provides play therapy training, life coaching, encouragement, laughter, and fun. You are invited to come and join Terry on the path of learning, play, and nurturing, moving toward embracing  your best self: a unique and special individual who knows and believes “I am enough.” And FUN! (Did we mention fun?)