IAPT Training featuring Dr. Terry Kottman and special guest Jacob Kottman

“Meeting Clients Where They Are:  Using the Language of Video Games in Play Therapy

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Date:  July 26 & 27th
Time:   8:30am-5pm   Lunch on your own
Cost:   150.00 for APT/IAPT Members
             200.00 for Non-Members
Location:  Plymouth Church Greenwood Room
4126 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Training Summary: Do you have play therapy clients who spend the majority of their free time playing video games, speaking “Videogame-ish” (a made up word, but you get the idea), and conceptualizing life and relationships in terms of video games?  Even in your play therapysessions?  Do you know what they are talking about when they tell you stories about what they are doing outside sessions?  Can you use the concepts and language of video games to understand and communicate with them, or are you sitting in your  play therapy sessions, feeling as though they are speaking in a foreign language, thinking in unknown concepts, doing things you have no possibility of understanding? Come to this workshop, and this will all change.

Most play therapists are video game novices–or even video game haters. And video games are here to stay–with many of your clients. You can ignore video games, pretending they are going to go away, or you can learn to use them in your play therapy. Participants will learn about selected video games that kids, adolescents, and adults are playing now.  We will explore vocabulary, plots, characters, relationships, and themes from the video games that are currently popular.  Then we will practice using the vocabulary, concepts, characters, and themes in building relationships with gamer play therapy clients and designing therapeutic metaphors and interventions for using with them. You will leave filled with ideas you can use in your play therapy sessions for connecting, communicating, and intervening with gamer clients.

Training Objectives:

Objective 1*       Apply vocabulary used by gamer play therapy clients to communicate with child and adolescent (and sometimes adult) clients, using the language that gamers speak.

Objective 2*       Ask questions and make observations about specific genres of video games and about specific games in each genre as a way to build relationships with and gain insight into playtherapy clients who identify as gamers.

Objective 3*       Use metaphors present in specific video games as a vehicle for teaching coping strategies and helping play therapy clients gain insight and begin to consider making shifts in their feelings, thinking, and behaving. Design therapeutic metaphors consistent with the content in specific video games to teach coping strategies and help play therapy clients gain insight and begin to make shifts in their feelings, thinking, and behaving.

Objective 4*       Consult with parents (and teachers) of play therapy clients about  clients’ interest in and usage of  video games [including information about current research (pro and con) about videogames].

Objective 5*       Design interventions using the metaphors, language, and plot points in specific video games to help play therapy clients learn and practice coping strategies, self-regulation, positive self-talk, and enhance Crucial Cs.

Objective 6*       Consider using selected video games in their play therapy sessions to help clients work on self-esteem, anxiety management, and cooperative behavior.

Seating is limited to 28 attendees so register soon!

Questions:  email  IAPT board@iowaa4pt.org

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