All Board Members:

1.    Support the mission of APT including: understanding the value of play, training, research, diversity in practice and maintaining a strong professional organization through participation and membership in Iowa Association Play Therapy board. 

2.     Represent IAPT to the general public.

3.   Chair one committee – Complete tasks assigned to your committee, create and send in a report at each board meeting, communicate to other board members committee progress and needs.

4.   Serve on 2 (or more) other committees 

5.     Attend all board meetings (4x/year around the state) in person, Skype, etc. Follow through with assigned tasks in general and any committee reports that are due.

6.     Respond to all email communication in between board meetings

7.     Attend annual Conference in Sept

8.     Assist in running annual conference including set up and tear down

9.     Participate in outreach and networking events in your area and around the state

10.  Maintain tote of supplies

11. Maintain IAPT membership

12. Maintain full licensure in mental health field

13. Ethical standards

Any officer must serve a minimum of one-year as an active board member prior to being nominated and elected to an executive board position. If any executive officer has not served a minimum of one-year as an active board member prior or any board member with more than one-year experience is not available to serve as an officer, the Board of Directors may appoint a board member with less than one-year of participation on the board.

President Responsibilities

1.     Represent the branch to APT and other branch presidents/boards and to the general public.

2.     Primary contact with APT- email and direct correspondences are routed through the President unless otherwise pre approved/assigned. 

3.     Oversee the IAPT Annual Conference. 

a.     Select date of conference with the Board.

b.     Be the primary liaison with the annual conference speaker. Contact board approved speaker, sign contract, and communicate timeline. Gather information including bio, vita, handouts, AV needs, and supplies. 

c.      Be the primary liaison with the Conference Coordinator. Work with CC to choose venue, create speaker contract, create brochure, and finalize financials. 

4.     Attend APT National conference and attend the Presidents meeting and APT Business meeting. If unable to attend, the board will appoint a replacement representative. The president will seek approval for an alternative officer or board member to attend Presidents meeting and APT Business meeting and use of conference discount provided by APT. 

5.     Ensure compliance with APT standards and expectations including chapter compliance. 

6.     Maintain official office address for IAPT. Including the official address for the business with the state of Iowa (APT, IRS, State of Iowa, Secretary of State).

7.     Set agenda for annual IAPT Board Retreats. 

8.     Monitor and respond to IAPT emails on a daily basis.

Vice-President Responsibilities 

  1. Support the mission of APT including: understanding the value of play, training, research, diversity in practice and maintaining a strong professional organization through participation and membership in Iowa Association Play Therapy board. 
  2. Execute powers and responsibilities of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President and perform those duties assigned by the president. 
  3. Attend all board meetings in person, Skype, etc. Follow through with assigned tasks in general and any committee reports that are due such as The Continuing Education and Training Development Committee. 
  4. Support the IAPT board and membership at the annual conference in September through completion of assigned duties. 
  5. Chair the Continuing Education and Training Development Committee which meets (through Skype) at least quarterly to review proposed training and work to develop a speaker bank to provide smaller training throughout the state of Iowa that meet APT guidelines. Committee will also review training documentation for record maintenance. 
  6. Vice-President or the designee, will attend workshops to ensure that the training process proceeds according to guidelines and offer support to the speaker and co-host. 
  7. In the role of The Continuing Education Program Administrator/Reviewer, Vice-President or other board member designee are responsible for the following: 

Treasurer Responsibilities 

1.     Manage IAPT funds. One of the two authorized users and signers on bank accounts; along with the President. 

2.     Maintain all IAPT financial records via QuickBooks (program to be purchased by IAPT upon new treasurer if that person does not already own a program that is compatible with previous year’s treasurer’s program information. Creation of IAPT data base within QB.

3.     Generate reports and provide year-end financial summary for annual meeting and historical data. Keep documentation of income and expenses according to federal tax requirements (typically 4 years). Transfer/share data file with accountant each Feb/March via zip drive or email. 

4.     Maintain checkbook for IAPT. Pay bills, reimburse others for payments made on behalf of the branch. Maintain and monitor online banking for IAPT. 

5.     Maintain the “books” for IAPT (receipts, bank documents, planning manuals, etc.). Paper and/or digital copies. 

6.     File biennial report with Secretary of State (every other year) 

7.     Monitor deposit of conference revenue from CCI 

8.     Coordinate tax information for the accountant. (QB data file, provide list of Board members for current tax year, send copy of statement of account from CCI for annual conference) 

9.     Oversee financial budgets/expenses of committees. 

10.   Financial records maintenance and storage. 

11.   Other duties as requested. 

Secretary Responsibilities

1.     Create agenda collaboratively with IAPT President. Send the agenda link to the entire board so they can add agenda items.

2.     Take thorough minutes for board meetings including annual meetings on the Thursday of the conference. Document the most important information, especially any action items or anything that required a vote! 

3.     Keep all documents and minutes stored in Google Drive. Keep Google Drive organized. Make a folder for each meeting to store all documents related to that meeting, mainly committee reports!) 

4.     Keep Logins & Passwords updated.

5.     Create to do lists for board members. Send these with the minutes via email after every meeting. 

6.     Keep the Decisions Made Via Email document updated as needed (anything voted on via email instead of at a board meeting). 

7.     Keep IAPT Board Contact Information up to date. 

8.     Ensure all board members have completed the Board Member Commitment form and Code of Ethics and they are uploaded to Google Docs (have new board members sign when they begin their term OR when board members switch positions): 


Continuing Education Chair

•      Review of IAPT Proposal for Workshops that occurs prior to identification of presenters. 

·       Contact with the proposed presenter to review proposals and ensure all areas are complete and appropriate number of objectives are reflective of face to face training. (See Approved Provider Criteria and Standards) Contract is also reviewed. 

·       Submit to APT for approval. CEU’S can-not be included in any brochures, until approved by APT and program administrator is notified. CEU’S can only be issued for mental health professionals. 

·       Complete and submit Approved Provider Annual Activity Report to APT. 

·       Maintain training records and enter into Google Docs including proposal, brochure, attendance sheet, copies of CEU certificates issued, evaluations. 

·       Communication with APT Continuing Education and Credentialing Coordinator to ensure IAPT retain Approved Provider Status. 

Membership Chair:

•      Sends welcome email/packet to new members

•      Emails to new RPT & RPT/S- check magazine quarterly and send congratulations email Certificates for RPT- RPT/S and gifts at conferences

•      Post on Social Media and our website new RPT, RPT-S, SB-RPT

•      Develop a membership-marketing plan

•      Organize membership-recruiting campaigns

•      Ensure winner of membership at conference is signed up 

Exhibitor Committee:

 This committee is in charge of the exhibitors at the IAPT annual conference.  This committee will create the annual brochure for the exhibitors that indicates all information regarding the conference.  The committee will also be responsible for sending out the exhibitor information to all possible exhibitors. The contract will be sent out primarily via email from the master list that has been created.   In addition, the exhibitor committee will coordinate with all registered exhibitors for the conference in order to ensure that their needs are met during the conference.  The committee will greet and assist the exhibitors as needed with set up, during the conference, and with tearing down.  

Communications Committee:

The communication committee is responsible for communication with members.  The primary responsibility of the communications committee is writing the monthly newsletter. The committee will utilize Mailchimp which is the domain that IAPT utilizes in order to write and send the monthly newsletter to the members and those who have registered to receive it.  The communications committee will work with the other committees to send out the needed information that needs communicated with members. There will be at least 2 new pieces of information in each newsletter in order to receive points toward Gold Branch with the APT. 

Networking committee

The networking committee’s overall goal is to grow IAPT’s networking and outreach opportunities. The networking chair ensures the following: 

·       Developing and assisting with network socials and outreach throughout the state of Iowa. 

·       Monitor, schedule, register, pay and organize IAPT exhibits at conferences. 

·       Purchase marketing items for conferences. 

·       Reach out to graduate students about the benefits of IAPT. 

Social Media Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Goal– To increase connection with both IAPT members and those in the general public interested in Play Therapy and child mental health issues.

Purpose– Promote a positive public image, increase membership, increase attendance at conferences and workshops and facilitate communication with members and non-members.

·       Website management and maintenance – changing pictures, updating board information, updating upcoming workshops. 

·       Create or delegate the creation of weekly postings to be made to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

·       Respond to posts and messages on social media sites.

·       Run National Play Therapy Week online presence and giveaways.

·       Create events advertisements to be displayed on social media sites. Boost prime events such as annual conference and workshops with board approval. 

·       Promote election and IAPT awards on social media sites.